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7 he finjuin e of ;inne. 129 ledge mutt worke admiration, delight, love, endeavours of confor;nitie unto fo heavenly truths. No comprehen- liion of things divine without, love, Ephef..3 17. i 8. the reafon why God gives men over to flrong delis f on r,to be- lieve tees, is becaufe they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might befaved, a Thef. 2. 10. i I. This conviction then of jmn,the Spirit worketh : Firff, by revealing the Rule. Secondly, by opening the conditi- on of the (tate of Pinne. Thirdly, by giving an heart ex- perimentally and reflexively to ttnderftand all, or by (ha- ping and framing the heart to the Word, and fo ming- ling them both together. The Apostle faith, that By the commandernent fin re - vived.By the life of fn,I underftand thrfirength of it, and that is two -fold : Ailrength to condemn, and a strength to operate, or worke in a man obedience to it felfe A ftrength to hold a man fait, and to carry him its owne way. Sin is a body, and bath earthly members, Col.3 .4. which are very atíve and vigourous ; the Apostle f-ea- keth of a holding property which it hash, Rom.. 6. and this ftrength bath the tinewes of all ftrength in it; It is a Lord, and fo it bath the ftrength of power to command, and it is an husband, and fo it bath the ftrength of love, to perfwade and prevaile. Firft,ic is a Lord and Matter, in which refpea it bath there ryes upon us Firft, a Covenant, there is a vertuall bargaine between lull and a iìnner,Efar z 8, i S .we make promue offervìng, and obeying finne, lob 8. 34. Rom. 6. i 6. and that returneth unto us the wages of iniquity, and the pleafures of f nne, z `Pet. 2.25 . Heb. i 1.2 y . Se- condly, love unto it, as unto a bountifnll and beneficial] Lord. Sinne exercifeth authority over us,and yet we ac- count it our benefactor, HQ/2.5,12,13. lob 20.12113 Thirdly,an eafie fervice, the worke of fin is natural!, the inftruments all ready at hand,the helpers and fellow. fer- ' vanta many, to teach, to encourage, to haften, and lead K on Sacras Scriptu- ;',e l broa nut!us isimicur cogno- [cere fnitur. Aug. de Mor. Ecclrfl.t.c.zp Sa vo.'untatcm Dei coffe quif- quam defiderat, fiat ..[micus Ideo -- Hoc fi {,aberent ne4 ef- fent Heretrci. Idem de Gen. con.'ra Mani chec si.l.c.c.z. Luk zz. z5.