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e--.........-..-.. 128 cl he Sin, f "ulne,/e of Sinne. h Term!. zip- log cap.46. i ` tlke,8,t r, 12. Afìs z6.5. Iofep!-,. Ant:q l;b.18 cap.L. r,e Belio Ilsclas- co, lib.l cap.4, tit.e:<,spov 7' áTAo1Y. Epipha- 11ittlTt contra Hare(. dEb. r.t0 . Here(.16. k Prov.zt..7. H3g.t.rL. Pfa1.S t. S Gcn6.5. Gcn.8.zr. Gor.7:14. L- faY 1.4. Prov.zz,.i3. Hcb.6 4 fo much admired h ftoutneffe, or rather fullenneífe of thole rigid Heathen, that pulled out their owne eyes that they might bee chafle, and killed themfelves to bee rid of cvill times ; nay, more, the Pharifees f}riclneffe, the zcale and unblameableneffe of `gill, the devotion of ob- f}inate Jewes, _< all the f }rength ofcivill, morali, formali fhewes and expreflìons of goodneffe, though precious in the eyes of men, yet in the eyes of G o D, that feeth not . al roan Teeth , they arc all but finfull and filthy, loffe anddung. Laf}ly, becaufe nature in patticular'men never knew, nor had experience of a better eftate, and therefore mutt needs bee ignorant of that full Image in which it was created, and unto which it ought fill to be conformable. As a man borne in a dungeon, is unable to conceive the f }ate of a Palace; as the Childeof a Noble-man f}olne away, and brought up by fome lewd begger, cannot con- ceive, or fufpe& the honour of his bloud : fo utterly un- able is corrupted nature,that bath been borne in a vtrombe of ignorance, bred in a hell of uncleanneffe, enthralled from the beginning to the prince of darknefîe, to con- ceive, or convince a man of that mob holy and pure con- dition in which he was created,the leaft deviation wher- from is fin= unto him. Now then fince Nature cannot thus convince, the Spi- rit in theCommandementmuff. We have no inward prin- ciple` but thefe two. We grant there is a difference to bee made betweene the Illumination and Renovation of the Spirit; men may be inlightned, and yet not fan6Iified ; as a falle Starre, or an anís fatuau may have light Without influence or heat, yet withal' it is certaine too, that it is impoftible to know finne in that hatefulnefhe which is in it, with filch a knowledge as begets hatred and detetlati- on of it, or to know divine things with fuch a know ledge as is commenfuratetothem, fuch as in their fpirituall and immediate puritie they arc apt to beget, but that know - ledge