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138 Deut S.zg. Heb.z.1 S. Kom.8, i s. Hcb.12.18.20 ttom.3.9. r9. s3.. Gen.6,5',E.22 cl he finfulneffi of Sinne. faithfull as Afofes. Now where there is a Mediator ap- pointed, therei n,God declares his purpofe to enter a new into a treaty with men, and to bring them to termes of agreement and reconciliation with him. Men were re- bels again(} God, held under the fentence of death and vengeance ; they are in darknefte, know not whither they goe,are well pleafed with their owne eflate,give no heed to any that would call them out.For this reafon, be caufe God is wil ling to pull men out of the fire,he fends f rtt c.ilfojes armed with thunder, and brightnefl'e, which cannot be endured ( for the thining of Mofes his face, which the people could not abide, denotes the exceeding purifie and brightnes of the Law, which no (inner is able with peace to look on) and he (hews them whither they are haf}ning, namely to eternal( death, and like the An- gell that met Balaam in a narrow roome (buts them in, that either they muff turne backe agai ne , or elfe be de- flroyed : and in this fright,and angui(h, Chria the medi- ator of a better covenant prefents himfelfe,as a Sanuary and refuge from the condemnation of the Law. Secondly,there is univerfalitie of men,and in men uni- ver%al!itie of parts;All men,and every part of man fhut up under the guilt and power ofthisfin. Both theft theA- poflle proves at large, Lewes, Gentiles, all underfin,tsone righteous ,no not one,all gone out of the way ,altogether be- come unprofitable ,none that dothgood,sso not one : Every mouth mu be flopped, all the worldmufl be guilty before God, all have finned and come fhort, or are deftittute of hú glory. goat bath concluded all in unbeliefe, the Scripture bath J1iwt up all sender fin; this Hewes the univerfali ty of perfons.The Apoll le adds, Their throat is an open (epul- cher,with their tongues they have "fed deceit, the poifon e afps is under their lips,thefr mouth full of curfinp and bit - ternes,theirfeet fio ft toflied blood,deft:ruuien and unhap- pines are in their wayes,and the way of peace they have not knowne, . there is no fear of God before their eyes,thefe par- ticulars