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7 he Table. Payment of our debt Three Offices ofChrifts Purchafeof our inhe nzediator_fihip. His titmice. , 401 Intcrcefsion. Righteoufnef? , ònfifteth in remìfsion and adoption. By this Life of rightcoufnefl'c we are delivered from 1. Sinne. Covenant ofrighteoufneífe. z Law, as a Rigout.. Law full of Curies. Bondage. z. FromChrift we have our life of hòiinefl'e. Difcovcries of a vitali operation. Chrift is the Principle o four holinelfe.. Chrift is the pattçrne of holinefle. Some works ofChrift imitable, others uñimitáble. , E- o.' ineffebcaisconfòrmi tyto.Chrifts "dfliveobedience. How we are Paid robe holy,as Chrift is holy. . Holineffe confifts in a con -.ormity untoChrift. Provedfrom I. The ends of Chrifts Cumming. z. The nature of holineffe. 3. The quality of the myilicallbody ofChrifi.; 4. The unEtionof the Spirit. 5. Thcfurimcof the Scripture. rheproportrens between our ho''inele and Chrifismul} be, i. In thefeedsand principles. z. In the ends, Gods glory, the Churches good. 3. In -...he parts. . S Sette deniall ` t , 421 4. In the manner of iv, Dbe`drence T q (Prófïciencié.' . zz. _ What Chrift hath done to the Law for us. i'id; We muff take heed of will-holinefl'e, or being our owne Rui . 402, 403 407 ibid. 409 410 4I2. 413 415 416 418 ibid, 419 420 Chrifislife the Mee ours 3, From Chrift we have our lire of glory. the attributes or properties of-our Life in Chrift. r. It is an hidden life z, it is an abounding life, 3. It isanabidinglifè. 4 -5 417 419 43z 437 438. No forren aßàultis too hard for thelife of;.-Chrift. 439 Argum ents to re-effabli fh tliie fieal'e ofàejel,ting fintier againíf the tertourof fome sic at fall, fcom