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The fi'nJulneJfe of 17 1, Sixr'ì1y,confidcr the War and rebellion of this fin;7 fi4d a lain in my ripera pers warring ¿sgain 1 the Lain ofrny mind. The (left; 1ftf1 ets, igainfl the fptrit, flerly lugs war againfl the joule.. W .ï ch paffages are nor io to be underftood, as if when luit dock fight its fights again1 nothing but the fps it, but yet it may be fo ditheartned and ft crushed, that is al:not.alwaies rebel (which is the late, wretched and ignorant glofle of our i;ew Pelagians, who exprelly cor;trary to the.doC trine of S. Pau!, and the Articles of the Chur, h of England, with the Harmony of other Re- fmmed Churches,'ieny the fìnfulncffe of originall conctu- pilcence, or that it always lufteth againf} the fpirit;) but the meaning of-them is,that while we are in the Militant Church, we (hall have hourely experience of this trayror in our bofome; and whefoever we gp about any fpiritu- all worke, this evill will bee prefent with us, and fight againft us.. And this csar is not at a diftance, but ir is an intimate and clofe contrariety in the fame part, like the Combate between heat and cold in the fame water, no roome nor fpace to hold a Mediatour, or to entertaine a treaty, or to fhift and evade the convict. The fame foule that commands obedience, loth it (elfe refiit it. In the fame mincie the wifedome of the fiel) which is fenfuall and divellitli fighting againfi the wifedome of the fpirit, which is meeke and peaceable. In the lame will a de- light in the Law ofGod,and yet a byas and counter. tm-. tion to the Law of finne. In the fame underilanding a light of the Gofpell, and yet many relikes of humane principles; and Reilly reafonings ; much ignorance of the purity, excellency, and beauty of the wa 'es of God..In the fame heart finglenef e and fènfiblenefie of finne, and yet much fecret fraud and prevarication, hardneffe and dif-apprehenfion of finne and wrath. In the fame affecti- ons,love of God and love of the World,feare of God and feare of men, trail in God and doubting of his favour. Lord, I beleeve, help thou wine unbeliefe, was the cry of the Rom. 7,2 j. G.1.5. 7. r Pet.z.r I. sZtsicl cil bec rmonflrtam? jm pe, at a711411114 co>peri, & pa- ye/uy, ,3rnperat n;muas fibi, K(. tkr,&c. Aug. Eonffl: 1. 8.c. g, t O. Marke 7. a4.