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Gen,25,2z,z6 (ienefis 17. Gate. 32. 24. Gien. z9.2. 5. Ge3.31.36-41 Luke .23.39. Ga1. í. zq.. a Sant /1.;,8. and 289. Gen. 38. z8. The fin,ftdnelle of Sinne. the poore man in the Goipell ;and fuch mutt be the corn. plaints of the belt of us ; Lord, I will, helpe thou mine unwillingneffe.; Lord I heare thee, helpe thou my deafene[fe: Lord,I remember thee,help thou my forget - fulnes : Lord, I prefie towards thee, help thou my wea- trineffe Lord, I rejoyce in thee, help thou my heavi- .neffe : Lord, I delire to have more fellow[hip with thee, helpe thou my ftrangeneffe: Lord, 'I love and delight in thy Law, help thou my failings. Such tugging is there of either Nature to preferve and improve it felfc. Iacob was a man of contention and wreli ling from the begin- ning. Contention with his brother in the birth, conten- tion for the birth-right, contention with an Angell for the blefling, contention for his wife, and for his wages with iaban.He was a Typical' man,his name was Ifrael, and he was a the Ifrael of God. We muff be all men of contention, wreftl,rs not only with God in ftrong and importunate prayers for his bleffings,but with our elder brother Efax, with the lufts and frowardnefie of our owne hearts. The Theefe on the Croffe was a perfea Embleme of the fn of our nature,he was nail'd hand andfoot,deftin d unto death, utterly difabled from any of his wonted outrages, and yet that onely part which was a little loofè,flies out in reviling and reproch ing Chrilt : Our old man by the mercy of God is upon a 'Crop, deftined to death, difabled from the exercife of that wonted violence and dominion which it tiled ; and yet fo long as there is any life or ftrength left in him, hee fees it all on worke to revile that bleffed Spirit which is come fo neare him. The more David prevailes,the more Said rageth and perfecuteth him. As in the womb ofTa_ -mar there was a ffrifefor precedency, Zarah thrufl: our his hand firfi,and yet Pbarcz got forth before him: fo in a -Chriflian many times the fpirit thrufts out the hand, and begins to worke, and prcfently the tlefh growes fturdy t and boyfterous, and gets firft into the anion. A man lets himfelfe