Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

The fnf aslne Sinne. 159 himfelfe to call upon G o D., lifts up his hand with the . skarlet thread, the bloud of Chrifl upon it, is in a twee:- preparation to powre out his complaints,his requefts,his praifes to bi& Father; and ere he is aware,pride in the ex- cellency of Gods gifts, or deadnes, or worldly thoughts intrude chemfelves, and Mlle by Gods Spirit, and call a blenrifh upon his offering. A man is fetting himfelfe to hear Gods Word, begins to attend and>relith the things that are fpoken as ratters which do in good earnefl con - cerne his peace, begins to fee a beauty more than ordinary in Gods fervice, an excellencie with David in Go as Law, which he conlidered not before, refolves hereafter to love, frequent, .lubmit, beleeve, prize it more than he had ever done ; prefently the flefh lets up her mcunds,her reafoning her peiverfe difputes, her owne principles, her flame, her woridlineffe, her want of leafure, her fe- cular contentments and fo refills the Spirit of God,and rejeó }s his counfell. I have enough already, what needs this zeale, this pi effing, this acurateneffe,,this violence of heaven ? Strive we what we can, our infirmities will encompaflè usa our corruptions will be about us. But yet (Beloved) as in a Pyramid, the higher you goe the leffe compafle bill you finde the body to bee ofä, and yet not without the curiofity and diligence of him that framed it : fo in a Chrif1ian mans refurrection,and converfation with Chrift in heaven, the nearer he comes ts, Chrift,the frnaller Bill his corruptions will he, and yet not without much ípiritu ill industry and Chriftian Art. A Chrif}i- an is like a flame the higher it alcends the more thin, purified and azure it is, b_;t yet it is a flame in greene Wood, that wants perpetuall blowing and encourage - ment. A than lets himfelfe with fore good refolution of fpirit to !et forward the honour of God in quellion, in difcoveiing,in fhaming,in punifhing(within the corn- paffe of his owne calling and warrant) the abufes of the times, in countenancing, in rewarding, in abetting and fuppor-