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i6 t4. e The finf ulnefJe of Sinne. Hofe.z q.t;. Ectlef. 8.1 t, gone thus or thus farre,they will then give over, and flop at their pleafure. Sea modo módo non habent modr m, as p,4uf in ; of his counterfeit and hypocriticali pro- miles, 1m cal- never finde a center to ref in a 6t place to stop at. Thde are but like the foolifh conceits of Chil- dren, who being not able to difcerne the,.difception of their owne fenfes, and teeing the Heavens in the Orizon feeme to touch the earth,refolve to goe to the place where they conceive them to meet, and there to handle and play wish the Starres, but when they are come thither, they find the diftance to be Bill the fame : fo isit with the foo lilh hearts of men, they conceive, after fo much gaine, or. honour,or pleafure,I shall have my Lill, and will then give over, but as long as the fountaine within is not flopt, the purfùites of lull will be as violent at last as at fiat. As he! in the Fable, --Expel-Fat durn defluat amuir, at ille Labirter labetetr : So though men thinke, that their lulls will at Iait grow dry, and they 'hall eafily step over them unto God ; yet the truth is, the outragious delires of men will grow fironger anj ftronger, even as a river, the farther it goes from the fountaine, doch oftentimes fpred it felfe the wi der. The heart is as ftrongly fer upon its own fin,as any Creature is upon its owne motion. They fee their heart,: faith the Prophet, on their iniquities, the heart of the Ions of men, faith Salomon., is fully let in them to'doe evill, As impofhble it is for luit to flop it l'elfe, as for the Sea to give over fwelling,or the fire devouring the matter that is before it. The man poffell with a Legion of Devils is a notable Em6/enrs of mar s Bolo!! nature (for indeed Panne makes a man of the Devils bloud, yee are the children of .your Father the Devill, ¡oh. 8.44.) íe is convet fart with nothing but death, dead workes, dead companions, death the Iera ice; and death the wages. He is full of hideous af- teìions, he cuts and teares his owne fìxile; the pretence of