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The frrfaalnefe of Sinne. follower him, lea he become wicked againe,not only pre- vent him that is fa.11e , to raife him, but follow him afer he is.rifen that he fan not again. Confider further what a multitude and fwarme of lulls and members this body of fin bath, and how they concurre in the unity of one bo -dy too. For this is worth the noting, hat Ibmetimes they are call'd in the fingular number afinne, to note their:sni. tie,and cohípiration : and the plurali num- bér b lofts and members, to note their r4ukitudes and ferviceableraefi'e for feverall purpofes. And whit can bee - flrongen than an Army confuting of multitudes of men and weapons,reduced all to a wonderful unityofminds, endsand order. So then both in regard of its regal! audio- , rity; of itsedid }s, and law es of government, of its mul- :titude:ofï members, and unity of body, originali fin mull needs be very thong. . . Ninthly, confider thernàdne(fe of this (inne. The heart of a man, faith Salomon, is fnllof evill,and madneffe is in his heart while he lives.: Infania is a generali word, and bath two kinds:orlpecies of. madnefle in it; inadneffeor unfotindneffe in paflions, which is furor, rage and ferce- neffe,; andmadneffe or unfoundnefle in the Iutelleauals, which is Amentia, folly,or being out of ones right mind. And both thefe are in originall fn. Firfi, it iS fui i of fiercenelfe, rage, precipitancy when,j ever it felfe on worke ; the driving thereof is like ehe driving of lebat,very fuiious.This difpofition the holy .Ghoft takes':notice of ofcN in the nature of wicked men, that) they are dbiv9,,7tt and xw.-óvAi, implacable men, whom: no hounds, nor limits, nor. coven rnts will relirain , oli 1 keepe in order t and againe e,.. 2,e3t;vnd, o l4s fierce,¡ I headitrang, violent, rnj7,they'know not where nor when rto atop. Therefore the Scripture compares it to a /Teak? ing forth, or violent eruption, like that of fire out of an l t ven, or of mire and dirt cot of a raging Seaa. Men flat- ter themfelves in their fins, and tlrnke when they have M 4oné 167 Piævenrt tmt7t- um ut fa- t us, fubfequi- tur IuJiF6YA ne. fi,zt InáCi,s, P 'R venti, ut Lumen eonfirat, fu'fquitur ut quod corttul t firve: : præve- nit elifum ut f u;sat, fub fe- quitur c'evatum ne cadat,& c. pr,edcft 1 !i. r , a lohn I.z9. Rom.7. r 7 , IaiT,cs I r4. b LCr, 2.I r. Ephef.4. zz- Col. 3,5 Ecclef.9.3, z King.9,io. Rom.r,3 r, z Tim.3.3,4. Hofea 4. a, Hofca 7.6. ECav 57 :.o. i