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r The fnf ulnefe of inne. might in reafon have beene quite tamed by the Sea anül ?the Whale; yet ,looke upon him when his nature gets "loofe, and you (ballfnde more madneffe and tempest in ¡him than in the Sea into which he was thrownc: Ansr), 'exceeding angry at Gods mercy to Ninive, and (with a itrange uniformity 'of paflìon in a contrary occation) as augryiat Goes feverity to_ he Gourd. That which made lob' (though before full of impatiency in fomeparticular lob 40.z,4 fits)) to lay his hand on his mouth, and reply no more, which was Gods debatement, and expoftulation with him, Jonah regarded not, but reproves, and replies with much madneffe of' heart upón God Himf lfe, I do well to Ionah 4.9. be angry even unto death. So belluine and contumacious are the' mindes f men, Pet upon theirowneends, that though-God Himielfe undertake the caufe, they will out - face his arguments, and Rand on their owne defence. 4fa was a holy King,.his heart was perfeel with the Lord 1 Kings z 5.14 41.124s dayç4 yet when the Prophet; fent from God, told :him of his folly in entertaining league with the Syrians and. depending upon their confederacies, It is Paid, that zCnron.' he'imprfoned the `Propbet, and was in a rage, or in a tern - Tr:nceps Reli- peftuoufnefï'e againft him.Theodofue wasaholy and ex- giofJfirnus.Hie- cellent Prince, and amongft all other graces for none ron. Clemens a- more eminent than for lenity and compaJion : yet fo far nimus, did This fury kindle, upon occafion of an uproare at-Thef- car',comrnuncs, falonica where one of his fervants had beene thine, that in omrtes hen:ri- he commanded an univerfall maffacre without diftineti- fVïttc Aor. u;e1. on to paffe upon the City, where, in a (hors fpace of three Beneficiur4 f honres, there were fey en thmufand men butchered by the accepif' pirt;- Emperours Edit, and'the City filled with the blond of . vit, f'" rogare- Innocents. tar agwf ere. And this should teach us to keepe the flriaer watch Ambroc Brat. ;fin. over our owne hearts, lince.fuch excellent men as thefe The®doret. y have fallen, lince fo many occafions may throw us into Pare limo. fithe like diftemper, fnce the thine of our nature is but like a sleeping Lion, or at belt like a wounded Lion,. any . 1 thine