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6 Vide de hoc ar- zurnento aatreain . 'Greg. Naz. Oratienena 2.6. Af ióïavit quandoq,Dia- bolas,verttatem defendcndo eon - eue.e. Ter. lude verfe 5. x Tim 2.a4. Galath, 6. t. Ex parte tte- .firorum legtrn_ ttsr Homines a- dol.ef'centcs, ¡Da- rin" dod`ia, er parim cauti ; ab íriznis autem milli/ewes, cal- 1 tfi, & ing!nie valent es, adcáq, apud principem acilè faaperiores u11). Sev.1.n. .. The fìnf ulneffeof Sinne. thing that awakens and vexeth it begets rage and fury, to he the more circuinipea over our feives, and the more jea- lous of our own paff'ions in thofe particular cafes efpeci- aIly,wherein this tire is molt apt to kindle. Firil, when thou art in dífputation engag'd upon a Juil quarrell to vindicate the truth of G o D from berefie and dii ortion, look unto thy heart, fet a watch over thy tongue, beware of' Wild -fire in thy zeale, take heede of this madneffe of thine evill nature. Much advantage the Devill may get even by difputations of the truth. W hen men difpute againft thofe that oppofe themfelves, as the Difcìpks againft the Samaritans, with thunder and fire from Heaven, with ray ling and reviling fpeeches, fuch as the Angell durJJ not give unto Satan hìmfelfe,when men shall forget the Apottles rule to intruff thofe that oppofe themfelves with meekneße, and to reft ore thofe that are fal- len with thefpirit of mee+lnes. When tongue alai be (harp- ned againft tongue, and pen poyfoned again(} pen, when, pamphlets (hall come forth with more teeth to bite, than arguments to convince, when men flail follow an adver- fary, as an undifciplin'd Dog his game, with barking and E bawling more than with skill or cunning, this is a way to betray the Truth, and to doe the Devil] fervice under Gods colours. It is a grave obfervaeion which Sulpitiue Severue makes of the Councell at Ariminarm, confilting of foure hundred Bithops, whereof eighty were Arians, and the reif Orthodox ; when after much treaty and a- gitation nothing was concluded but either party kept immoveable to his owne tenent, It was at lati refolv'd that the fides fhould feverally difpatch an embaffage to the Emperour of ten men apiece, who should make rela- tion of their faith and opinions. And here now grew the difadvantage ; for, faith he; the erians fent aged men, cunning, and able to manage their employment to the belt ; but on our part, there were young men fent of lit- tle learning, and of lirong palliions, who being vexed and provoked