Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

THE VANI TY oerHr CRE AT U R E ECCLESIASTES !. 14. i have feene all the works that Are done under the Sunne,and Behold, All is Vanitie and Vexation of Spirit. O have a felfe- fufficiencie in being and ope- ration, and to be unfiibordinate to any further End above himfelfe, as it is utter- ly repugnant to the condition of a Crea- ture, fo amongf the ref}, to Man efpeci- ally ; who bef des the liniitcdnef e of his nature, as he is a Creature, bath contras edmuch deficien- cie, and deformity, as he is a firmer. G o D never made him to be an End unto himfelfe, to bee the Center of his owne motions, or to be happie only by reflecflion on his owne excellencies. Something fill there is without him, unto which he moves, and from whence God bath ap- pointed that he fhould reape either prefervation in, or advancement and perfeClion unto his nature. What that is I