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2 EceleCit.r3. 11Zoni.B.zo,z -. Ror.a.30.3. T he Vanity of Creature. is upon which the defires of man ought to fixe as his Ref} and End , is'the raine difcovery that the Wife Man makes in the Booke. And bee doth it by an hif}oricall and penitential! review of his former Enquiries : from whence hee Bates the point in Two raine Conclufions. The firft, the Creatures Infufficiencie, in the beginning of the Booke, Vanitie of vanities, AR c vanitie. Thefecortd, (Mans dutie to G o D, and Gons All- fufficiencietin- to man, in the End of theBooke, Let us hare the conchs- fion of the whole matter, Feare Cad, and keep his Comman- dements, for this is Totum hominis, the whole dutie, the whole End, the whole Happineffe of man. The former of thefe two, namely the Infufficiencie of the Creature to fatiate the defires, and quiet the motions of the foule of man, is the point I am now to fpcakeof, out of theft words. For underflanding whereof, wee muff know that it was not G o D in the Creation, but finne andthecurfe which attended it, that brought this Vanitie and Vexa- tion upon the Creature. God made Every thing in it felfe very good, and therefore very fit for the defires of man fore way or other to take fatisfaaion from. As prickes, and quavers, and refis in mufick ferve in their ordertocomraaendthecunning of the Artif}, and to de- light the Eare of -the hearer., as well as more pcrfeea notes. fo the meanef of the Creatures were at fill} filled with ,fo much goodneffe, as did not oncly declare the glory of God,but in their ranke likewife minifier content to the minds of man. It was the firme of man that fi lied the Creature with Vanitie, and it is the Vanitie of the Creature that fils. the Soule of man with Vexation. As Finn makes man come fhort of Glory, which is the reft of the Soule in the fruition of God in himfelfe, fo.doth it make him corne fhort of Contentation too, .which is the ref} of the - Soule -in the fruition of God in his Crea- tures. Sinne tooke away Gods favour from the Soule, and,