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The finfulnefJof ánne. grow up into a knotty and i1iubborne hatred. Wee reade of hatreds which have run in c h bloud, and have bin en- taird, Hereditary malice, as the HiJlorian cals it,Hatreds which have furvived the parties, and dilcovered them - 4elves in their very funerals, hatreds which men have bound upontheir poflerity by oaths, as Afdrubal Tooke a folemne oath of Hannibal that he fhould be an irreconcil- able enemy to Rome. And what doe all such expreffioiis' import, but that there is a bound leffe frenzy in the fle(h of men,a fiercenefle which no lawes can tame,and that there is enough of it in the be(t men, to breake out hito impl cable affeE ions, if grace, and prayer, and watchfulneffe doe not prevent it. Fourthly, in eíliiffio»s, paines of body, temptati - ons of fpirit, abridgement of eflate, trials in reputation and favour, or the like, looke by all means unto thy heart, take heede of these leedes of rage and madneffe which are in thee. Never more time to looke to thy mounds,to repaire thy bulwarkes, than when a Tempefl is upon thy. fea, Have you feene a beau breake his teeth upoh the chaine that bindes him, or a Dog powre out his revenge upon the (tone that did hurt him, then have you feene force darke ihadowes of that fierceneffe and fury that is apt to rife out of the hearts of men when Gods hand lies dole upon them. When thou heareil of the f}range im- patiency of Ionah at the beating of the Sun upon his head, upon whom yet was a mercy beyond wonder that bee did now fee the Sun : when thou heareft of thole dcepe expoflulations of David with God, Hath he forgotten to begracioua ? forgotten his promifes ? forgotten his truth? forgotten his power and mercy ? and lout rip all his Mind mefte in difpleafure ? When thou heareil of the impati- ences of Job, a man yet renowned for his patience,expo- ftulating and charging G o D, Is it good for thee that thorn I fbouldefi oppre(f c ? W hen thou heareil of thole deepe curies of Ieremy againit the day of his birth ; of thole fro -. ) trard 175 Odia Hgredita- ria. Flor. --F Lynne que rcbeltes/editione Stat. Liv. lonala 4.9. Pfalm.77 9,10 Ia-Res ç.ta. lob 10.3.,t}, t8