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t76 The /ni/ulne/jeof Sinne. ward expofiralations and debates of the people of Ifrael with c_Mofes, aril of Mofes with God. why haft thou Exo. F. z i,' - evill entreated this people, why haft thou fent me ? O then refleól upon thy felfe, and be afraid of thine owne evill heart, which is far more likely to breathe outagainfl God than any of thofe were. And for a remedy or prevention hereof keepe in thy light the Hitlory of thy tannes, make them as hainous to thine owne view as they are in their owne nature ; The way not torage againft affíi1ions is to know our (elves a- right, that will make us confeffe unto God with Ezra, let our calamities bee what they will, That the Lordhath flea 9,T 3, puniflied tar leffe than our iniquities have deferved. The way to beare the band of God with patience,, and with acceptance, is to confeffe our limes, and to be humbled Lev , 2.6.4o 4 , for them. If their uncircumcifed hearts bee hnrnbled anq they accept of the puniflment of their iniquities, faith the Lord : noting thus much, that :the fight of our fin, and humiliatióti, makes a man willing to fiibsnit to Lam. ;.49,4o Gods challifements.Wherfore cloth a living maïsçór plain_ a ,min for the punifhment ofhis fns ? there are.three tlrong reafons to gather why wee ought not to murmure-in our affliaions. Firll, We are men, and what, an impudence is it for the clay to ¡well againfl the Potter. that formed: and complaine,why hall thou made me thus ? Secondly, wee arefinners, as the puniihmenrs we fuller are our own, the wages of our iniquities, and what a madneff,t is it tal complarne againll the jullice of our Iudge ? Thirdly,we are living men, and therefore God bath punitlied us lefle than our ßnnes deferve, for the wages. of tin is,death, and what ingratitude is it to repine-at mercifull,and mo- derated purìtihments ? but yet filch is the fiowardneffè ; of our nature , that wee are apt thus to murmure : what is the cure and remedy of this evill afi'eaion ;. Let ire /earth axe/ try Aur Way. es (faith the ("hurch) and turne to the Lard Or God; the more wee grow.äcquaintedr;, with<h