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t78 The finfulneffe of Sinne. Fifay 58 3. Mil, 3.14 i Sam.z8.6,. { zo. Anne im- perii Dioclefia- ni exa6to,amb r imperatores con- fentzitibus aui- rxis re abdicaruxt; fiub licè profitentes Je mnli stegotierïi fuccumbere: fed apud qui5us a'rcaza fui pe- [kris ci'edebant, idex dcfperatio- ne flare f fa, tebantur. ktia enirzs nec Chrifltanos fuperare, nec preaconium Ciarifitani nominis extinguere. poffent ; fe nec Imperiovelle frai, ZoAaras finnal. 7orn. z. Te DioeleGan® Àlz:iminiasio Herculco. fervc our humiliations and faii i cgs? what profitableneífe at all is there in his iervice? Thus we find the hypocrites challenging God for ai:hiaing them, upbraiding him with their humiliations, and the fruitlefneflc of his fer- vice : Wherefore have wefafled,and thou feefi net ? where- fore have we offluted our fo le, and thou takes no know- ledge ? ye have faid, it is in vaine to ferve God, and what profit is it that we hate kept his ordinance,& that we have walked mournfully before the Lord of hoffs,d c ?And thus Saul,when he found himfelfe forfaken of God,and should have humbled himfelfe, and fought his fàce, he proceeded in a further rage to eclquire of the Witches which him- felfe had commanded to be deftroyed. Thefe things fhould teach us all to labour With God in prayer, that whit ever evil! he fendeth upon us,he would no. fuffer his firength and fpirit to forfake us,nor give us over to the rage and madnc 'e of our own nature.O what hearts ihould men fee in themfelves, it they would looke upon their owne faces in other mens lives ! See Julian dit with revenge and rage againfl Chrill ; Iudas burfting a- funder under the weight of Gods wrath; The curfed periecutors * putting off their power retiring to a private life, pining away with vexation, becaufe the Gofpell of Chritt was too hard for them ; crfcl itophel difpatching himfelfe for very madneffe becaufe his oracle was not b.tleeved ; one defpaire, another blalpheme, another wre- file with his afiCtion as a beat} in a fnare, till the part fwell and rankle, and grow too big for the punifhment which is upon it; How could not this chufe but make men out of love with themfelves, and labour to have more hold -fait of the Spirit of Chrift ; that this rnadneífe of their nature may thereby be tamed, and their equani- mity and moderation made knowne to all men Fifthly,