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The WulnefJe of Sinn e. 177 wich our Gnfull eftate and marvellous provocation s, with the patience and promifes of Gad,the more we (hal jutti fie God,and wait upon him, the more we (hall judge our felves leffe than the leaf of Gods mercies and for- bearances./ will bear the indignation of the Lord,faith the Church againe in the fame cafe, f will not repine nor murmure at his dealing with me, I will acknowledg that righteoufneffe belongeth unto him , and confulon unto me, and the ground of this refolution is the fence of fin, becasife I havefinned againft him.I have preffed,andwea ried,and grieved,and vexedhim with my fumes, without any zeale or tenderretfe of his glory ; but he bath vifited me in judgement, and not in fury, in wrath he bath re- membred mercy, and not quite confirmed me,as he might have done, he bath not dealt wi:h me after my fins, nor rewarded me according to mine iniquities, bee hath fea- red me as a tonne, when I dealt with him as a traytour, and bee will plead my caufe, and bring mee forth to the light,and revenge my quarrel! againft thoCe which helped forward my ali6tion. Thus we fee the way not to rage againff A1i6ions is to underftand and bee fenfible of the foulecieffe of our Pnnes. Otherwife pride and madneffe will undoubted- ly thew themfelves in our AEfliaions. What detperate and horrible rage did the heart of Pharaoh fwell into, when in the middett of th:;fe fearefull judgements bee hardned his heart, and exalted himfelfe againft the peo- ple ofGod, and trampled upon them,and did not let his heart unto the judgemzw, but threatned and out Mofes and earsn from his prefence, and purfued them with f nall and obdurate malice, through the middett of that wonderful! deliverance ? Tilt like example we fee in that impatient &rretfall reply of ?ekram king of Ifrael she great famine.This evil/ is of the ',ord.,what fbotsld I wait for the Lord any longer ? If this be all the reward we have for waiting and calling upo., God, to what purpofe N ferve Mich. 7.9. Exod.9.i7. 7 23: 14. 23. 2. King, 6.33