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18o r Chro.3 6, i5 Ier.S,r}, 14 Pfa1.68. t 8. z Cam o.s. Pfa1. t u. I 23, Acfts 3. ,i s. . The finf lneffe of Sinne. the deeper the conviîfion hath beexe,the more 1 kcwife hatte bin the prejudice, and t < e fiercer the oppofstion againft the Word . Se ier. 5.5. it/. 6, 3[ 0,43,1, 2. Nehem.9:29. 3 o. lah. 8.4 8, 5 9. Iohn 11.4 7 5 3 . Alf 5.3 3 . Aá.6.Io, 1!.7.54, 57,58. ?er 36.23. 2 Chr.3615,16,17, As in the meeting of two contrary fireames, it one pry, aile Ï,ot to carry away and over -iule the other, there Inuit needs arii'e a mighty noyfe and rage in the conflif} : fo it is in the wrei }ling and strife betweene the Spirit of God, in the Word, and the current of a mans own corruptions; the greater flrength and manifeflation of the Spirit the Word bath in ir, and the fewer corners and chinkes it leaves for finne to elcape at, the more fierce muff needs the oppofition be, if the Word be not prevalent enough to turne the current. Let us therefore beware,what-ever wee doe, of fnufln'g or rebelling againft the warnings which are given us out of the Word. It is hard to kicke againfi the pricks ; there is no overcornming of Gods Spi- rit : a man may fall upon the flone,but he !hall be broken by it ; if he bee fo ílrong, and lift fo bard as to naeve the ftone, it tbali fall upon him, and grinde him to powder. Let us not rtfolve to baffle the Miniflers, and to defpife their meflage; (1t is a finne that leaves no remedy for a man to throw away the phyficke, to trample under foot the playfter that Could heale him.) Let us not think to blow away the words of God, as if they were but fo much empty winde; for the Loro faith that they 1h4/l be- come fire, to devoure the adverfaries; Let us not diflin- guilh Scripture to our own humours, nor acceptor rejeál Gods Truth, as will bell conlf} with our owne ref oluti- ons ; but as it is the power of the Word to captivate even rebellious thoughts to the obedience of Chrifl; fo let us refolve to accept of every one of Gods Righteous Commandements, and to hate every fall way, to heart °Chrifl and l'u s Knitters in all things, to anfwer to -ads fevereft cals,evcn then wlìenhey make us tremble _ _ and