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`Ihe isdulnçffe of Sinne. and doe aftoni h us, as S. Pavai did, Lord what wilt thou hrgve me to doe ? Even when the word affrights thee,yet give this honour to it not to reje I it nor flye floin it not to heather and fuppreffe it,but to endure it to fc rch thee,and to fubmitthy fèlfe unto it. This is a notable way to abate the originall medne ffe which is in thy heart. Secondly, as there -is furor in sadne fe, fo there is a 4me+ntia too,A diffemper in the Inteilellualls, as well as in the pilons : Every man that is throughly mad is a foole too : And therefore the fane Originali word is tranflated in one place amine f je, Lull; 6, i i . and in ano- ther place, folly, 2 Tim. 119. No w this diftemper is Twofold: for either it is an aaniver, all privation and &feel of reafon ; or at the lealt it is an inoonfiiitncy,a lubric ty,a fiipperineffe of reafon. And there a e cry deer e in the nature of a man,, fatly_ fie bound rip in the heart of a child, and fpirituull things we are all chit .ren, Firft, there is an uni ver f all ignorance an l inc onfiderate- net of spiritual things in the nature of man, he takes lefl'e notice of his condition than the very bruit bealts, The Oxe knoweth his owner, and the A ffe hit mafiers crib, but Ifra.el döth not know, my people d,th not confider. The Stone is the heavens knoweih her appointe I time, and the Turtle, and the C. raie, and the Swallow, but my people kneweth got r he ju garent of the Lord. The very duambe Afe rep>rátxeth the noad4e f f e of the Prophet, as Saint Teter ípea12es. Ai ri for this reafon it is that wee fhall obferve That frequent Apoflrophe of fad in the Prophets,when hoe- had wearied himi_ lfe with crying to a deafe and re- be 1 of s pople, bee turnes his fpeech, and pleads before dkrib and in nirnotc'creatures; .He. re, O .Heavens, and gitJc ears, fareli,n thin fo :far from the voyce of the Prophet as the hea<ven§,nothit g fo dial and impenetrable as the Earth, and yet the heavens likelier to- Beare, the earth likelier to lifter; and attend, than the obdurate fin- ders. Beare óye motoataines the Lords controverfie,a;id ye N 3 fining Aas 9.6. ier.S.6,7. ECiy g z. 2 S. a Peter z. 16 Efay 'Drat. 3 .. i . rei, 2.: z, 6.19. \icah 6. z.