Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

The Vanity of the Creature. and hisBleffingfrom the Creature. It put bitterneífc into the Soule that it cannot relilh the Creature,and it put Va- nity intothe Creature, that it cannot nourifh nor fatisfie the Soule. The defres of the SouIe can never bee fatisfied with any Good, till they finde in it there two qualities or re- lations, wherein indeed the formality of Goodneffe doth confia ; namely, Proportion and Proprietie. Firft, nothing can fatisfe the delires ofthe Soule; till it beares conveni- ence and fitnefle thereunto; for it is with the minde as with the body, the riche{} attire that is, if it be either too loofeor toofireight, however it may pleafe a mans pride, muff needs offend his body. Now nothing is propor- tionable to the minde of man, but that which hath re- ference unto it as it is a fpirituall Souk. For though a man have the fame fenfitive appetites about him which wee finde in beafls yet, in as much as that Appetite was in nian created fiibordinate unto reafon, and obedient to the Spirit ; the cafe is plaine, that it can never be fully fa- tisfied with its óbjeel, unlcífe that likewife be fubordi- nate and linked to the Obje& of the fuperiour faculty, which is God. So then the Creature can never be Propor- tionable to the SouIe of man, till it bringGod along with it. So long as it is empty ofGod, fo long mull is needs be full of Vanity and Vexation. But now it is not.fuffiicient that there be Proportion, un- lefie withall there be Proprietie. For God is a Proportiona- ble Good unto the nature of devils as well as of men or good Angels, yet no good comes by that unto them, be- caufc he is none of theirGocl,thcy have no interea in him, they have no union unto him. Wealth is as commenfurate unto the mind and occafionsofa beggar as ofa Prince;yet the goodneflë and comfort of it extends not unto him, be- caufe he hath no proprietie unto any. Now finne hath ta- ken away the Proprietie which we have in Good, bath unlinked that golden chaîne, whereby the Creature was B z joyned,.