Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

the Panto of the creature. lied and ignorant, of the honourable and bare are pro - mifcuoufly intermingled , and death hath equalled all, then at lav there will come a day when all mankind (hall bee fiurmoned naked, without difference of degrees before the fame tribunali : when the Crownes of Kings and the Shackles ofPrifoners, when the Robes of Princes and the Raggcs of Beggars, when the Gallants bravery and the Peafants Ruffet, and the Stativs PoIicie, and the Courtiers Luxury, and the Scholers curiofity íh all be all laid aide : when all men {hall be reduced unto an equall plea, and without refpea of perfons fhall bee doomed according to their workes; when Nero the perfecuting Emperour., fhall bee throwne to Hell, and Pass/ the per- fecuted Apovle fhall Chine in glory, when the learned Scribes and Phafifees (hall gnafh their teeth, and the ig- norant, and, as they terme them, curled people {hail fee their Saviour : when the proud antichrivian Prelates, that.dyde their robes in the bloud of the Saints, fhall be hurried to damnation, and the poore defpifed Martyrs, whom they perfecuted,fhall wafh their feet in the bloud of their. enemies : when thofe puntoes, and formalities, and cuts, and fafhions, and diPances, and complements, which are now the darling finnes of the upper end of the world, fhall bee proved to have bcenc nothing elfe but well -a6led vanities : when the pride, luxury, riot, f\vaggering, interlarded and complementall oathes, nice and quaint lafcivioufnefe, new invented courtings and adorations of beauty, the fo much Ruched and admired fins of the gallantry of the world, (hall be pronounced out of the mouth of God himfelfe to have 'beetle nothing cite buttlittering abominations; when the adulterating cf wares, the.couaterfeiting of lights, the double weight and falfe meafures, the courteous equivocations of men greedy of gaine, which are now almolt woven into the very arts of trading,-fhall- bee pronounced 4iothing -elk but.anyfleries of iniquiítie and felfe- deceivings when the curious.