Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

1 he Fatuity of the Creature, curious fubtiltics of more choice wits, the knottie quetli- ons, and vaine flrife of words, the disputes of reafon, the variety of reading, the very circle of generali and fecular learning, purfi:ed withfo much eagerneife by the more in- genious fpirits of the world, íhall bee all pronounced but the thin cob -webs and vanifhing delicacies of a better temper'd prophaneneffe ; and lat +ly, when that poore de- lpifed profefhon of the powerofChriflianity, a trembling at the Word of G o D, a fcrupulous forbearance not of oathes onely_ but ofidle words, a tenderneffe and aptneffe to bleed at the touch of any fin, a boldneffeto withlland the corruptions of the times, a confcience of but the ap- pearances of evill, a walking mournfully and humbly before God, a heroical' refolution to bee tlri& and cir- cumfpc,ft, to walk e in an exaa and Geometricall holi- nef c in the midfl of a crooked and- perverfe generatio tt, the fo much conclamated and (corned peevifhneffe of a few filly,unpolitike, unregarded hypocrites, as the world eficemcs them, than in good earnel+ from the mouth of G o D himfelfe bee declared to have beene the true nar- row way which leadeth to falvation , and the enemies thereof frail., when it isstoo late, be driven to that defpc- rate and fhaniefull confeffi on, Wee foóles counted their life ntndnefé; and their end'to have Beene without heno u r; how are theyxow- reckoned amongFt the Saints, and have their portionivith the _Almighty ? A fecond branch ofthe difproportion between the foule of man and the Creatures, arifing from the Yanitie there- of, is their Deadneffe, unprofitablenefe, ine f icacie by any inward vertue of their owne to eon veigh or preferve life in.the Soule. Happineffe in the Scripture- _phrafe is called Life, confifling in a Communion with God in his Heli neffe and glory. Nothing then cantruely bee a prop to hold up the Soule, which cannot either preferve that life which it hath, or convey unto it that -which it hath not. Charge. thofe., faith the Apofile, that are rich in this world, Icr, z6.r,)e