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HoLs8,aa. PfaI.36.9. Mitih.r3.1 t. Prov 30.8. Hebr.T3 S, T he Vanity of the Creature. world, that they bee not high-minded, neither truf} in uncertaine Riches ,but in the hying God,, i Tim.6. I î. hee oppofeth the life of God to the Vanity and uncertain - tie, the word is, to the Inevidence of Richer, whereby a man can never demonf} rate to himfclfe or others the certaintie or happineffe of his life. The like oppofition wee fhallfinde excellently expreffed in the Prophet mie, (Arty people have committed two evils, they have for - faken mee the fountain of Living water, and have hewed them out cider ns, broken ciflerns, that can hold no water, Jerem. 2. 13. That is, my people arc willing to attribute the bleffings they enjoy, and to file for more, rather tinto any caufe, than unto mee the Lord. Shee did not know, faith the Lord elfe-where that I gave her her corne and her wine, and multiplyed her filver and gold, &c. But Paid of then, Thefe are my rewards which my Lovers have given mee. But faith the Lord, fo long as they truf}ed mee, they retied upon a lure fountaine that would never faile them; with thee, faith the Pfalmift, is theFountaine of life : And fo faith the Ap oft le too, Letyour converfation bee without covetoatfxeffe, that is, doc not make an Idoli of the Crea- ture, doe not hcape veffeis full of money together, and then think that you arc all furc ; the Creature hath no life in it, nay it hath no truth in it neither, there is deceit and cozeuage in riches ; but, faith he, Let your conver- fation be with contentment, confider that what you have is the dimenfuns, the portion, which God luth allotted you, that food which hee findeth moll convenient for you hce knowes that more would but cloy you with a fitrfet of pride or worldlineffe, that you have not wife - dome, hutuilitie, faith, heavenly mindedneffe enough to concoe`I a more plentiful! efiate ; and therefore receive your portion from him, truf} his Nvifedome and care over you, For hee hath faits', I will not faile thee nor forfake thee. Well then faith the Lord, fo lo:ng as they refled on mee, they retied upon a litre fupply (AIl his yncrcies are fore mer.