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PCa1.4g.Ir. Pfal. ro.ó. Bri ff'on de Reino Perf. lib. I, Fag, 8.14. :Piov'.Iodf, The rani y of the Creature. foole in the Gofpell from the greatneffe of his wealth concludes the length of his life, Thou halt mach laid up for many yeares; and the certaintie of his mirth and plea- fure, Take thineeafe, eat, drirrke, and bee merrie. 1 heir inward thought is that their horaf s1hag endure for ever, and their dwelling places to all generations. And 'David him - felfe was over -taken with this folly, I faid in my pr4e- ritie, fhall never be moved, Yea, fo much feed it there of pride in the heart of man , and fo much heat ( as I may fo fpeake) and vigour in the Creature to quicken it,as that men are apt to Deifie themfelves in the refledion on their own greatneffe,and to deifie any thing elfe which con- tributes to the enlargement of their ambitious purpofes. The greatneffe of the Perfian Emperours made them all ufurpe religious worship from their fubjeds. The like infolence we finde in theBabyloniíh monarchs, they ex- alted themfelves above the height of the clouds; and made themfelves equal' to the mof} high, Efay 14. 14. yea, their pride made them forget any God fave them - tèlves,. I am, and there is none betides mee, E f l y 47,8. It was the blafphemous arrogance of Tyrus the rich Citie, I am a God, I fit in the feat of god, I have a heart like the heart of God, ezek. 28. 26. neither are thefe the finnes of thcfetimes alone; the founta.ine of them is in the na- ture, and the fruits ofthem in the lives of thofe, who dare not. venture upon the words : For albeit men with their mouths profeffe G o D, there is yet a bitter root of A- theifine and of Polutheifine in the mindes of men by na- ture; which is. mightily adilated by the abundance of earthly things. Where the treafure is, there is the heart, where the heart, there the happinefíe, and where the hap - pinctfethere the Gcd. Now worldly men put their trull in their riches, let their heart upon them, make them their flrong Citie, and therefore no marvell if they be their Idoll too. What is the reafon why, oftentimes wee may rich and mighty