Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

The Vanity of the Creature. za mighty men in the world to bec more impatient of the Word -of God , more bitter fcorners of the power of re- ligion,more fearfully.given over to theirpurfuite of flefh- ly luf +s and fecular purpofes, to vanitie, vain- glory, am- bition, revenge, fierce, implacable, bloudy paflions,bra- fen and boaf+ing abominations , than other men, but be- caufe they have force fecret opinion that there is not fo great a diflance betweene God and them , as betweene God and other men ; but becaufe the abundance of worldly things hath brawned their heart, and fatted their confcience, and thickned their eyes again ft any feare, or faith , or notice at all of that fupreme dominion and im- partial) revenge which the mof+ powerful+ and jut+ God cloth beare over all (inners , and again(+ all urine ? What is the rcafon why many ordinary men drudge and mile all the yeare long , thinke every houre in the Church fo much time loft from their life, are not able to forbeare their covetous pr.aClices on Gods owne Day , count any time of their life , any work of their hand , any fheafe of their come, any penny of their purfe thrown( quite away, even as fo much blouci powrcd out of their veines, which is bellowed on the worfhip of God , and on the fervice of the Altar; but becaufe men thinke that there is indeed more life in their money , and the fruits of their ground , than in their God or the promifes of his Gofpeil? Elfe how could it poflìbly bee, if men did not in their hearts make god a lyer, as the Apo(tle fpeakes ? That theLord fhould profeffe fo plainely , from this day upward, fnce a (lone hath Beene laid of my. houfe, finne you have put your felves to any charges for my worfhip, I will furely blcff you : and a gaine, Bring all my riches in- to my houfe, and prove met. if I will not open the windowes of heaven , and poure a upon, you that there !hall not bee roome enough to hold it : and againe, Ha that hate pity on the poore lendeth unto the Lord, and that which hee hòthseven, will hee pay him againe : and again thon C 3 ,wilt lcr.43.1. Obaci.verf:3. Pfal. t 7.10; Pfalto.4,5. Fob Zo7,1S. Iolrn 5.1o. 5,19. Prov09.17.