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22 Jeut.z8.z,i4, `viatth.7.1.4z. 1 ter.zs.zz. Hof.r3.6. Deut.3.1+,1 i, zz. Dcut.6.10,19. ram.z.f. : Mateh.zz.S, zSo The Vanity of the creature. wilt hearken unto mee , send of ferve to doe oll theft things, then 41 there Blegi gs AIM come on thee and overtake thee, blefngs in the City and in the field., &c. If men did in good carneft perfonally , and hypothetically, beleeve and embrace theft divine truths, How could it bee , that men 1houldrudge Almighty God and his worthip e- very farthint, which hee requires from them of his owne gifts that they fhould, dare let the fervice and houfe of God lie dumbe and naked that they fhould flint up, their bowels of compaffìon againtl their poore brethren, and in them venture to deny CHRIST laimfelfe a morfell of bread or a mite ofmony ; that they fhould neglect the obedience, prophane the name, Word, and worfhipof God , ufe all bate and unwarrantable arts of getting, and all this out of love of that life, and greedineffe of that gaine, which yet themfelvcs, in their generall fubfcripti- on to Gods truth , have conferred, will either never bee gotten, or at leaft never bleffed , by fuch curled courfes ? So prodigious a propertie is there in worldly things to obliterate all notions of God out ofthe heart of a man, and to harden him to any impudent abominations. I fpake unto thee in thy profperity., faith the L o R D, but thou faidfl I will not heare. f ccording to their paflasre, fo were they f 7led,they were filled and their heart was exalted,there- fore have they, forgotten mee. Take heed, left when thou haft eaten and art full , thine heart bee lifted up , and forget the LOR D thy GOD. Therefore it is that wee' read of the Poore rich in faith, and ofthe Gefpell preached to the Poore , and revealed unto babes ; becaufe greatneffe and abundance flops the tare, and hardens the heart, and makes men land at defiance with the frmplicitie of the Gofpell. Now then that wee may bee .infl:ru&ed how toufe the Creature, as becommeth a dead and impotent thing,,wee may m4c ufe of thefe few directions : Firft , havexhine Eye ever upon the Power of God, which alone .anima- tech