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24 I Tim.4. q. 10111.14.14. The Vanity o,{the C.reatasYe. of affffaion and water of affiaion of many yeeres toge- ther, that by thefe or any ether meanes thou mightef} purchafe thatinef}irnable peace , vhch the whole earth, though changed into a Globe of Gold , or Center of Diamond cannot procure. So utterly unable are all the Creatures in the world ro give life , as chat they cannot preferve it intire from foraine or domeftick affaults , nor remove thofe dumps and preffures which do any way dif- quiet it. Secondly , to remove this natural! deadneffe of the Creature , or rather to reoampence it by the acceffion of a Blefling from .God., ufe meanes to reduce it unto itspri- mitive Goodneffe. The Apof }le fhewes us the way; Every Creature of God is good, beingfanEtified by the Word of God and by Prayer. In which places, becaufe it is a text than which there are few place of Scripture that corne more into daily and generali ufe with all forts of men, it will be needfull to unfold ; i . What is meant by the faq_ }ification ofthe Creature. 2. How it is fang ified by ti. Word. 3. How wee are to fanti_fie it to our [elves by Prayer. For the Eft, The Creature is then fanaified, whenthe curie and poyfon which finne brought upon it is reinoo- vcd, when we can ufe the Creatures with a cleane confci- , vice , and %vitha furance of a renewed and comfortable efface in them.. It is an Allufïon to legailpurification and differences of meats, Levit. I t . No Creature is impure of it felfe, faith the Apof }le, in its own Pimple created na- ture : But in as much as the finne ofman forfeited all his interef} in the Creature, becaufe co ipfo a man is legally dead ; and a condemned man is utterly deprived the right ofany worldly goods ( nothing is his ex lure , but onely ex largitate ) and in as much as the finite of man hath made him , though not a facrilegious intruder, yet a pro- fane abufer of the good things which remaine, partly by indirect procuring them, partly by defpifrngthe au- thor