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The Vanity of the Creaure. thor of them , by muf}ering up Gods ovine gifts againf} him in riot, luxurie, pride, uncleanneffe, earthly minded - neffe,.e. Hereby it comes topaffe, That to the uncleane ald things are uncleane, becaufe their minder , tad conffen- ces are defiled. Now the whole Creation beeing thus by the finne of man uncleane , and by confequence unfitted for humane ufe , as Saint Peterintimates, I never eat any thingcommon or uncleane, it was therefore requifitc that the Creature fhould have force 'Purification , before it was unto men 2llowed ; Which was indeed legally done in the Ceremonie, but really in the fubftance and body of the Ceremonie by CHRIS T , who bath now unto us in their ufe, and will at laft for themfelves in their own being , deliver the Creatures from that vanitie andmaleduttion, unto which by reafon of the finne of man they were fubjec`}ed , and fafhion them unto the glorious libertie of the Children ofCod, make them fit palaces for the Saints to inhabit,or confe -rr upon them a glory which fhall bee in the proportion of their natures a futable ad- vancement unto them, as the glory of the Children of G o D fhall be unto them. The bloud of CHRIST doth not onely renew and purifie the foule and body of man, but wafheth away the curfe and dirt which adhcreth to every Creature that man ufeth ; doth not onely cleanfe and fanaifie his Church, but reneweth all the Creatures; Behold, faith hee,I make all things 7 en,; and if any man be in C H R is T, not onely Hee is a New Creature, but faith the Apof }le, e411 things are become l'(çw. Thofe men then who kecpe themfelves out of CHRIST, and are by confequence under the Curie, as their perfons , fo their poffeí}ìons are fill under the Curie : as their confci- ences, fo their eflates arc fill uncleane; they eat their meat like Swine roll'd up in dirt , the dirt of their owne finne, and of Cons mal'ediOiion. So then the Creature is then fan&ified,when the Curfe thereof is wafhed away byCHRIsT. Now 25 Rom.g.zo,zr, Et)her. S.z.C. Revel. 21.5'. Cor. 5.17.