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z Cor.8.6. Iarn,z.s z The vanity of the Creature. Asr /ín , have all the world for their poffeffion. And if it bee here demanded how this can bee true , lince wee find'the Saints of God often in great want, and it would doubtleffe bee fanne in them to ufurpe another mans goods upon prefutnption of that promife that CH R I s T -istheirs,and with him all things: To this I anfwer,firf in generall.; As CHRIS T though he were the Heire of all things , yet for our fakes became poore, that wee'by his povertie might bee made rich : fo God oftentimes plea - fcth to make the 'faithful! partake not onely in the pri- viledges, but in the poverty of CHRIS T, that even by that meanes they may be rich in faith and dependence up- on God,as'Saint Lames fpake, Havingnothing, and yet pef- feng All things. Secondly , All is ours in regard of Chrif ian libertie, though our hands are bound from the poffefiion, yet our Confciences are not bound from the ufe of any. Thirdly, Though the faithfull have not in the right of their inheritance any monopolie or ingroffe- ment of the Creatures to themfelves , yet fill they have and -fhail have the fervice of them all. That is thus ; If it werepoflìble for any member of CHRIST to f and abfolutely in need ofthe ufe and fervice ofthe whole Crea- tion, All the Creatures in the world fhould undoubtedly wait upon him , and bee appropriated unto him. The Moon e fhould fand fill, the Sunne go back, The Lions fhould flop their mouths, the Fire ff:ould give over bur - ling , the Ravens fhould bring him meat , the Heavens fhould raine downe bread , the Rockes fhould gufh out with water, all the Creatures thould muíler up than- fclvesto defend the body ofC x R Is T. But though no abfolute ncceflity (hall ever bee,yct ordinarily wee mutt learn to beleeve, That thofe things which Cod allowes us are bell futable to our particular elate, God know- ing us better than wee doe our (elves : that as leffe would haply make us repine, fo more would make usfull, and lift up our hearts againfi God, and let them on the world; fo