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The Vanity of the creature. inheritors of their fathers hope and profeffron, as to make a confiant trade ofbeggingtheir bread,ant1 fo to expofethe promifes of C. H R I S T, that they which feeke tbeking -_ dome of heaven- fhallhave all other things added to them, unto reproach, and imputation frcm wicked men. Or t hus, Z neverfare the righteous forfaken,nor their feed forja- kgn by God, though they begged their bread , but even in that extremity God was prefent with them , to fan6ifie to their ufe, and to give them a comfortable enjoyment of that very bread, which the exigencie of theirpreffrrt con - dition had confhrained them to begs e. Thus wee fee in general! , That the Bleng or Command of God , and the fountaine of that blefling , the Gofpell of Salvation, doe fancîific.the Creature. But yet neither by the Bleffìng nor the Gofpell is the Creature effeivally fau ified unto us, till it bce by us ap- prehended with the Word and Promife., and this is done Faith ; for the Word, faith the Apofl:le, profited not thofe that heard it, becaufe it was not mingled or tempered. with Faith. For Faith hath this fingular operation y to . particularize and Tingle out God and his Promifes unto, . a mans felfe; So then the creature is fanftified by the Word and Bleffing beleeved and embraced , whereby wee come to have a neerer right and peculiaritie in the Creatures which we enjoy; for being by-J aith united unto CHRIST and made one with him ,( which .is that noble cffea of faith to incorporate CHRIST and a Chriftian together ) we thereby fiate withhim in the inheritance., not onely of Eternalllife, but even of the common Creatures; Fel- low- FTeires wee are and Copartners with him; therefore in as much as God hath appointed him to bee.Heireofall things, as the Apoflle fpeakes, wee likewife, in the venue of our fellowfhip with him, muff in a fubordinate fenfe bee Heires of all things too. (4//' is yours, faith the Apo- file, and you are CHRISTS , and CHRIST is Gods.. Fide- libeltotur rnttndu, divitiarnmef ,; The Saints, faith Saint Auflin, M..uth,6.33 Heb,4.z. ci PaáCçexi r Jiro 7ror:a jxr,in i Cor. homi%z. roil, Eph...f.3iT Gal,z.zo, Rom.B.s7.r Heb 1.2. 11(11.1.3. , i Cor. ;.tia.. Rom.8 3.z. Aug. epiß.8).