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T he Vanity of the Creature. obligations. Thirdly and laflly, by this mcaneswee ha- ften the performance of G o D s decreed mercies ; wee re- tardate,yea,quite hinder his almoll purpofcd and decreed Judgements. The L o R D had rcfolved to ref }ore Ifrael ze {.36.37. to their wonted peace and honour, yet for all thefe things will I bee enquired unto by the Houfe of Ifraci to doe it fen - them, faith Hee in the Prophet. The L o R D had threat - Pialme to6. ned deflruaion againl} Ifrael for their Idolatrie , had not Mofes flood before him in the breach to turne away his Iuain. Martyr. wrath, as the Pfalmift fpeakes. And wee rem of the Pri- .apotog. mitive Chrillians, that their prayers procured raine from ratio. heaven,when the Armies of the Emperours were even fa- c,ip.S, mifhed for want of water, and that their very perfecutors have begged their prayers. Secondly, as by prayer the Creature is fanaified in the procurement (for no man hath reafon to beleeve that there is any blefling intended unto him by G o n in any ofthe good things which doe not come in unto him by prayer) foin the next place the Creature is by- `Prayer fanllified in the fruition thereof; becaufe, to enjoy the portion allotted us, and to rejoyce in our labour, is the Ecclef. S. t 9. Gift of G o D , as Salomon fpeakes. The Creature of it felfe is not onely `Dead , and therefore unable to minif'cer life by it felfe alone, but, which is work , by4he meanes ofnians finne, it is Deadly too, and therefore apt to poy- fon the receivers ofit, without the correive of G o D s Grace. Pleafitre is a thing in it felfe lawfull ; but corrup- ti.oneofnature is apt to make a man a lover ofplcafure, a Tim,3.4, more than a lover cf G o D and then is that mans plea fu re made unto him the Metropolis of mifchiefe, as Cle- Ecclef7.'. mens Alexandrinus fpeaks. A good name is better than Prcv az..I. fweet oyntment,and more to be defred than much riches; but corruption is apt to put a flic of vain -glory and fel fe- Mátth.z3.5. affeaation into this oyntment , to make a man foolifhly Ioh.y.q;.tz, feed upon his owne credit, and with the Pharifies to doe 43 all for applaufe , and preferre the praife of men before the glory