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The Vanity of the creature, 3 in all our counfels, his concurrente with all our AC -lions, his blefling on all our undertakings, and his glory as the foie end of all that wee are or doe. For by this meanes wee doe, firfl, acknowledge our dependencie on G o D as the firfl caute, and give him the glory of his love - raigne Power and dominion over all fecond agents, in ac- knowledging that without him we can doe nothing, and that the power of Ged is the ground of prayer. Second - ly,by this means we put God in mind of hispromifes,and fo acknowledge not our dependence on his power onely, but on his Truth and goodneffe too : and the Protni- fes and truth of G O D are the foundation of all our Prayers. That which encouraged Daniel to let his face to leeke unto God in Prayer for the reflitution of liber- tie out of Babylon, was Gods Promife and Truth revea- led by Jeremie the Pxophet, that hee would accomplish but feventy yeares in the defolation of Jerufalem. That which encouraged Jehofaphat to feeke unto God againíl the multitude of Moabites which came up againfl them, was his promife that hee would heare and helpe thofe that did pray towards his houfe in their of liLtion. That which encouraged David to pray unto God for the fla- bility of his houfe, was the Covenant and Truth ofG od, Thou hart revealed tothy Servant, laying, I will build thee an houfe, therefore bath thy Servant found in his heart to pray this prayer unto thee. eInd now O Lord, thou art that God, that is, the fame God in thy fidelity and mer- cie, as then thou wert, andthy words bee true, and thou haFtpromifed this goodneffe to thy Servant; therefore let it pleafe thee tobleffe the houfe of thy Servant, Szc. Excel- lent to this purpofe is that which S Augustine obferves of his mother who very often and earnellly prayed unto God for her forme when he was an Heretick, C"hirogra, pha tua ingerebattibi, Lord, faith he, flee urged thee with thine owne hand - writing, {hee challenged in an humble and fearfull confidence the performance of thine owne obli- 2. Chron.zo.6. z Chro.i4.ii. Matth.8.z. Elày 43.7.é. Dan.g.t,:.,3. z CI:ron.-o. 2, San-.7.z7, z3,2g. Aug. Confil lib. ;.ca