Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

38 ( The Vanity of the Creature, Heaven , into which nothing can bee admitted which is capable of Moth or ruff to corrupt it,and Hell,into which if any fuch thing could come, they would undoubtedly in one inffant bee fwallowed up in thole violent and un extinguifh able flames ? And shall I be fo foolifh as to put my felicity in that which will faile me, when I (hall t }and in greatell neede , to heape up treafures into a broken baggc, to work in the fire where all muff perilh ? Cer- tainly the foule of a meere worldly man , who cannot finde God or CHRIST in the things he injoyes, muff of neceffty be fo farre from reaping d or conffant com- fort from any of there perilhable C' ores, that it can- not but ake and tremble, and be wholly furprized with difinall pallions, with horrid preapprehenfions of its own wofull effate,upon the evidence of the Creatures mortali- ty, and the unavoidable flafhes and conviaion of its own ever laffingneffe. Now if wee confider the various rooter ofthis corrup- tion in the Creature, it will then further appeare unto us, that they are not onely mortali, but even momentary and van if},ing. Fir(l,by the Law of their Creation they were made fub- jeet to alterations, there was an enmity and reivaancy in . their intirell being. Secondly, this hath borne exceedingly improved by the finne ofinan, where evill, being the Lord of all Crea- tures , muff needs redound to the mifcry and mortality ofall.his retinue. For it was in the greater World, as in the admiration of a private family ; the poverty cf the Matter is felt in the bowels of all the ref+, his 'faint and di (honour runnes into all the members of that fociety As it is in the natural! body roux pas may bee di(fempered and illaffet1ed alone, others not without contagion on the ref+ ; a man may have a dimore eye , or a withered arme, or a lame foot , or an impedite tong without any danger to the parts'adjoyning ; but a in the head,