Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

The Vanity gf the Creature, head J or an obflru lion in the liver, or a dyfpepfie and indifpofition in the flomake diffufeth univerfall maligni ty through the body , becaufe thefe arc fovcraigne and architeaonicall parts of' man : fo likewife is it in the great and vafl body of the Creation. However other Creatures might havekept their eviIl, if any had Beene in them , within their ovine bounds, yet that evil' which man , the Lord and head of the whole, brought into the world , was a fpreading and infeious evill,which con- veyed poyfon into the wholeframe of Nature , and plan - tcd the feed of that univerfall diffolution which 'hall one day deface with darkneflè and horror the beauty of that glorious frame which wee now admire. It is faid that when Corah , Dathan , and eXbiram had provoked the Lord by their rebellion againfa his fervants to infli6t that fearcfull deflruC1ion upon them , the earth opened her mouth and fvvallowed not onelythem, but all the hots- and men, and goods that appertained to thems. Now in like manner the heaven and earth and allinferiour Crea- tures did at firfl appertaine to .Adam : the Lord gave him the free ufe ofthem,and dominion over them;when there- fore man had committed that notorious rebellion againft his Maker, which was not only to afpire like Conch and his affociats to the height and principality of Tome fellow creature, but even to the abfoluteneffe, wifdorne, power, and independency ofGcd himfelf,no.marvellifthe wrath of God did together with him fcaze upon his houfe, and all the goods that belonged unto him , kringing in that confufion and diforder which we even now fee doth break afunder the bonds and ligaments of nature, doth unjoynt the confederacies and;focieties of the dumbe Creatures, and turneth the armies of the Almightyinto mutinies and commotion, which in one word bath fo fart manicled the world in the bondage ofcorruption, as that it cloth alrea- dy groane and linger with paine under the f nne of man and the curfe ofGod, and will atlafi breake forth into D 4 that 39 Numb.. 1t .3a ftom.8.xt.