Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

4Z Ruod cunque Hune nafcitur mundi ipfius (e neCirrtc dege nerat, ut nemo mirati debeat (ngula in mun do ccepijTe def cere,cum lotus ipf jam mua dus in defeCi o- ne fit.Cyprian. coat. Decr.. EEof.s 1 he %lanity of the Creature. thus much of the letter in them , to affure that what- ever blemiíh finne the Creation any of thofe glorious heavenly bodies are either in themfelves , or by interpofi- tion of foggy vapours fubjeâ unto , what ever enmities and deftru6Iive qualities enrage one beat} againf} ano- ther , they are all of them the confequents of that finne, which nothing can remove' but the Gofpell of CHRIS T, And this is that univerfall contagion which runneth through the whole frame of Nature into the bowels of every Creature. But yet further, in athird place , there is a particular ground ofthis mortality to many men,namely the 'Parti- cular -curfe upon that place or creature which men enjoy. For as a piece of oke befides the natural' corruptibleneffe ofit as it is a body compounded of contrary principle's, whereby it would of it felfe at ía11 return to its dui+ a- gaine , may further have a wormy like Ionah his Gourd eating out the heart of it,and by that meanes haftening its corruption : and yet further befides that may be prefent- *put into the fire, which will make a more fpecdy rid- -dance than rather of the former : Or as in the body of a man, ,befidesthe generallconfumption,whicli lingringly feedeth-upon the 'vvhole,cach particular member may have a particular difeafe which may ferve to haften that cor- ruption to it felfe,whirh the other threatens to the whole : fo may it.bc,and often is in the Creatures of God. Befides their naturali finitenes,and their generali bondage ofcor- rupti.on,which by a hidden and infenfible infinuation cloth emafculate the vigor and ftrength of the Creatures; there may bee a Particular Curfe, which may fcrvc fpeedily to haflen that decay, which, without any fuch concurrence, would have made halle enough to leave the poffeífors of them in everlaftingpenurie. I will be unto Ephraim as a moth, anetto the houfe o f Juda ae rottennefe, faith the Lord. That is Gods firf} Inftrument of mortality whereby bee will certainely., thot h indeed lingringly -confume a thing.