Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

The Vanity of theCreature, of life , how faint the vigor either of heavenly influences,, or of fublunary and inferiour agents, aregrowne, when that life of men , which was wont to reach to almoft a thoufand yeares , is efleerned even a miraculous age, if it bee extended but the tenth part of that duration. Wee 'need not examine the inferiour Creatures , which we find cxpreffely curled for the finne of man with Thornes and Briers ( the ufuall_expreflion of a curfe in Scripture.) If Wee but open our eyes and looke about us , wee fhall fee wliat paines husbandmen take to keepe the earth from giving up the Ghofl, in Opening the veines thereof in.ap- plying their Soile and Marie as fo many Pills or Salves, as fo many Cordials and prefervatives to keepe it alive, in laying it afleepe, as it were,when it lyeth fallow every fe- cond or third ycare, that by any means they may preferve 'in it that life, which they fee plainly approchingto its laft gafpe. Thus you fee how befides the orlgivall limitednefie of the Creature , there is in a fecond place a Moth or Can- ker by the infe6lion of finne begotten in them, which ha- hens their mortality, God ordering the fecond caufes fo amongfl themfelves that they exercifing enmity one a- gainfl another many punifh the finne of man in their con- tentions, as the Lord flirred up the Babylonians againíl the Egyptians to punifh the hones of his owne people. And therefore wee find , that the times of the Gofbel, when holinefl'e was to bee more univerfall , are expreifed by filch figures as reflore perfection and peace to the Creatures. The earthfhall be fatand plenteous, there fhall bee upon every high hill Rivers andStreames of water, the light of the Moone fhall bee as the light of the Swine , and the light of the Sunne fevenfold; as the light of feven day es. And againe , the Wolfe (hall dwell with the Lambe, and the Leopard (hall lye donne with the Kid, and a Calfe, and ayoung Lion, and a falling together, &c. Which places though figuratively to bee underftood,have yet me thinks thus Gen.3.r7,18. Hof.' o.8. Efay 34.13. Icr..93.8,13.. Efa.y 30,23. Ef.zy Ioel 3.18. Amos 9.13,