Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

4$ ONO.103.00......0F+ The yanity of the Creature. ( 'hee is either caught by the fowler, or her egges are broken ) fo hee that getteth riches, and not by right, 'hall leave them in the midde,f`i of his dayes, and in the end fall 6e.afoole. Secondly, this ferveth to juflifie the wifedome and providence of God in his proceedings with men : The, wicked here provoke God, and crie aloud for vengeance on their owne head, and the Lord feernes to flop his cares at the cry of finne, and fill to load them with his blef- Pings, Hee maketh their way to proJer, they take root, itnd groin, and bring forth,fruit they íhine like a blazingCo- met, and threaten ruine to all that lookeupon them ; they carry themfelves like force Tyrant in a Tragedie, that fcattea abroad death with the fparkles of his eyes, and dariNItt threats againft the heaven above him; they are like lga before Samuel, clothed very delicately, and prefucne that there is no bitterneffe to come. And now the impatien_cie of man, that cannot refolve things into their proper iffues, that cannot let iiiiquitie ripen, nor reconcile one day and a thoufand yeares together, begins to queftion Gods proceedings, and is afraid left the World bee governed blind -fold, and bleffìngs and cueles tbrowne confufedly abroad for men as it wereto fcramble and to fcuffle for them. But our God who keep - eth times and feafons in his owne power, who bath gi- ven to every Creature under the Sunne limits which it !hall not exceed, hath Pet bounds unto finne likewifc wherein to ripen. The Starres howfocver they may bee fometimes eclipfed, have yet a fixed and permanent fub- fiflencie in their Orbes; but thefe Comets though they rift with a greater traine and flreame of light , yet at lafl vanifh into afhes, and are feene no more : the Ty- rant though in two or three Ass or Scenes hee revel! it, and diflurb the whole bu.fineffe, yet at laf hee will goe out in blond -and fharne: even fo, 'though wicked men flourifhakid.oppveffe, and provoke ,God every day, and Iereixi,az<z, ra e