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he "aid°, cf 'the Creature, 4$ rage like the fea, yet the L o R D hath let their bounds which they fhall not paffe, they have an appointed time to taketheir fill of the Creature, and then when they have glutted andcloyd themfelves with exceffe, when their hu- mours are growne to a full ripenefhe, the Lord will tem- per them apotion of his wrath, which (hall make them turne all up againe, and fhamrfull fpuing Ball be on their H .2.16. glory. Thus faith the Lord, For three trítnrerefons And Amos r.z. for foure, I will not turne away the pure, fhment f Daraf .mss and thofe other Cities. So long as the wicked commit one r two iniquities, fo long I forbeare, and expeAheir re- pentance; but when they proceed to three, and then adde a fourth, that is, when they are come to that mea- fare of finne which my patience hath pre&xed, then I will haften vny revenge , and not any longer turne away the puniíhrnent thereof. Li the fourth generation, faith G o D to eA6raham, thy pofterity íhall come out of the Land where they fhali be ftrangers, and íhallinherit this L and, for the intquitieo f the Amorites is not yet full. There Gen.rq,raá. is a time when f +nne groves ripe and full, and then the f ckle comes upon it. When the Prophet faw a basket of Summer fruits, that were fo ripe as that they werega- Amosr .z. I thered off the tree, ( which was a type of the finnes of G o D s people, which arc iboner ripe than the finnes of Heathen that knew him not, becaufe they have the con- ft ant light and heat of his Word to haften their maturi- tie) then, faith the L o R D, The end t come upon my peo- ple, I will not pale by them any more, I will have no more patience towards them. Jeremie, what feet thou? I fee Lr.r,t1,1Z. the rod of an efllmond -tree. Thou haft well f ene, faith the L o R D, for I will haften my Word to per forme it. When men haften the maturity of finne like the bloilömes of an Almond -tree (which come íooneft out) then faith the L o R D, will I haften the judgements which I have pro- nounced. We reade in the Prophet Zechary of an ¿phah, a meafurc whercinto all the wickedneffe of that people, 'cclt. r 5.6,7, E - figured s,9,to,tI