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o!atia mifeio- ; tlJià srongandia beatoium /Jug. cpifl.IZp. lmag3naia in recut() & Obi! veri. Tenui dr co,on. mil. c.r 3 . i:ccl.ef1 1.9. i. The Vanity of the Creature. take heed of deifying the Creatures, and attributing that Immortality to them which they are not capable of. But in as much as they are onely for prefent refrefhment in this vale of mite' ry , and have no matter of reali and abiding happineffe in them , not to looke on them with an admiring or adoring eye, but to ufe them with fuch due corre&uives as become fuch mortali and meane things. Firí +, in ufing the Creature, be fure thou keepe thine intelleauals untainted for earthly things re apt to cat+ a filme over mens eyes, and tornifguide them into cor- :upt apprehenfions and prefi.tmptions of them. We finde nothing more frequent in the Prophets, than to upbraid the people with their (+range confidences which they were wont to ref+ upon again(+ the judgements"-which were denounced againa them, by ob jc ing their wealth, gt'eatneffe, thong confederacies, expugnable munitions, their ne(fs in the clouds, and their houles arnongf} the Starres r they could never be brought to repent for finde, or totrembleatG o n s voice, till they were driven off from thefe holds. .A man can nevtxr be brought to God till iaeforfake the Creature, a man will never forfake the Creaturetill fce vanity in the Creature. Tome away mine eyes from beholding vanstie, David intimates that a man can never heartily pray againfl fixing the aif;cctions' on carthlythings,, till tree bce really and experimentally convinced of the vanitie of them. This rule Salomon ob- iërvesto with-draw .thedefiresof young men, who have f +rongef+ affc6lions, and finallet+experience of the deceit of worldly things, Though thou rejoyce and cheere up thy felfe, and walke in the wayes of thine heart, and in :the fight of thine eyes, yet :Know thou that for all theft things G'aáivill bring theetojudg.ement: a time will_corne when thoufhaltbefiripped of alithefe, when they fhali play the fugitives, and the ycares of.datitneife (hall; draw .nigh , when thou fhait fay , I have no' pleafure in them 7'