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____---s-- The Vanity of the Creature. ¿}ion (hall bee as fudden as it is certaine. The wicked plottcth againft the juft , and gnafheth upon him with Pral his teeth : but though hee plot, bee fhall hot profper, though he gnafh with his teeth, he (hall not bite with his teeth, for the L o R D fhalI laugh at him, becaufe he feeth that His `Day is comming. So much mifchiefe as he can doe within the compafle of'his chaine, the L o R D per- mits him to doc ; but when he is come to His Day, then all his thoughts and proje Ìs perifh with him. Excellent - ly hath holy Job Elated the Point, with whom I meane to conclude, Their good, faith he,is not in their Hand. Riot tob 21.16. it indeed they doe,and take their fill ofpleafure for a time, as the fifh of the bait, when he hath fome (cope of line gi- ven him to play ; but Bill their Good, their Time, their line is in Gods hand, they are not the Lords oftheir ovvne lives and delights. G o D layeth up his iniquity for his children, that is ,the Lord keepes an exaa account of is fumes, which haply he will repay upon the heads of his children , however he himfelfe (hall have no more pleafurc in his hcufe after him, when once the number of his monethsis cut off in the midi+ ; and in the meane time however he be full of flrength, wholly at cafe and quiet, yet faith he, The nicked is referved to the day of de/frutti- on; He is but like a prifonerfhackled peradventure in fet- ters of gold, but hee (hall be brought forth to the day of wrath, and though he could rife out of the grave before C H R I s T s tribunal], as .Agag appeared before Samuel delicately clothcd,yct the fword fhould cut him in peeces, and bittcrneffe fhould overtake him .Thus we fee how in- finitely unable the Creature (hall be to flicker a man from the tribunal' of C H R I s T,and how wife, juft,and won - derfull the Lord is in the adminiftration of the World, in bearing with patience the veffels of wrath fitted to defiru aion, and fuffering them to mullet up his owne bleflings againft himfelfe. Laftly, this mull fcrve for a needful! Caution to us, to E d take 51