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5$ Efay 40. s. Si de¡unt, non per mala apera gzterantlr in ¡Hundo fi ad Ont per bona opera rerventar in exit). Epiß. 2.0f. Lukc 16.9. Efay 58.I fl,z i. The Vanity of the Creature, ther Labour therefore to get a eliflink view of the height and length, and bredth, and depth., and theunfearchable love of God in C x It i s T, to finde in thine own foule the truth of God in his promifes, and this his Word abi- deth for ever, and that will maketheglory of other things to feeme but as graffe. Lailly, though the Creature be mortall in it felfe , yet in regard of man, as it is an Inflrumentferviceable in his purpofes,'and fubordinate to thegraces of God in him, it maybemade ofufe even for Immortality. Towhich ur ... pofe excellent is that fpeech ofHoly e/fuflin. If yoti have not theft earthy Çoods,faith he,take heed how thou,get them by twill workes here, and if than have them, lbour by good workes to hold them even when thon art gone to heaven. ciltakeyoufriends, faith our Saviour , of the unrighteous Mammon, that when you falle, they may receive you un- teeveriafling habitations religious and merciful! ufe of earthly things makes a way to Immortallity and Bleffcd- neffe. Call thy bread upon the waters, and after many dayes.thou£ halt finde it, It is an allufion unto husband - men. They doe not eat up and fell away all their corne, for then thework1 would quickly be deflitute, but the way they take to prepetuate thefruits of the earth , is to callfome of it backe againeinto a fruitfull bile wherethe waters come, and then in due time they receive it with increafe : fo fhould we doe with thefe worldly bleflings, .1-ow them in the bowels and backs of the -poore members ;. of C H R .i Si T, and in the day of harvefl we Chaff finde a great increafe, If thou draw out thy foule, to the righteous. andfatisfie the Afliled foule, then Pall thy light rife in ob- fcurity,andthy darkencffe be as the none day,then thy waters (hall not lye unto thee.; that happinefle which it falflypro -1 mifeth unto other men, it fh all- performe unto thee. And fo much be fpoken touching the great difproportion be- tween the Soule of man and the Creature, in regard ofthe Vanity ofit. Thc.