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`the /7exation of the Spirit. 59 The next difproportion is in their Operation, They are vexing and molefling things Reft is the fatisfaaion of every Creature, all the rovings and ti gitations of the Soule are but to finde out fomething on which to reft ; and therefore where thcreis Vexation; there can bee no proportion to the foule of man ; and Solomon tels us, That có4-1l things under the Stone are full of labour, more than a man can utter. He wias not ufed as an Inllrurnent of the Holy Ghoíl to fpeake it onely , but to trie it too; the Lord was pleafed for that very purpofe to confer on him a confluence ofall outward happineffe, and inward abilites which his very heart could defire, that he at lafl might difcover the utter ftifficiency of all created Ex- cellencies to quiet the Soul ofa man. But if we will not beleeve the experience ofSolonron, let us belceve the au- thority of him that was greater then Solomon; who hath plainly compared the things and, the cares of the earth to Thames ,which as the Apoftle fpeakes,Pierce er bore man thorow with many forrowes . Frft, they are Wounding ?"bernes-; for that which is buta prickein the Nth is a wound in the Spirit : becaufe the Spirit is mofl tender offinart : and the wife man cals them Vexation of f irit: The Apollle tels us they beget many forrowes, and thofe forrowes bring death with them. If it were poffiblc for a man to fee in one view thofe Oceans of blood which-have been let out of mens veines by thisone Thorne:. to- heare in one noife all the groanes of thofe poore men, whofc lives from the begin- ning of theworld unto thefe Baies of blood wherein we live have beene fet at (aile, and facrified to the unítab le ambition of their bloody.rulers; to fee and heare theend- leiTe rernorfe and bitter yeklings of fo many rich and mighty menas arc now in hell, everlailingly curling the deceit and murtherof thefe earthly. Creatures, it would eafily make every man with pitty and amazement to be- leeve, that the Creatures of .themfelves, without Chrifl to c ulifi Ecc! eLt . 8. Matth. r3.:a;: [ Tim.6. ro. Cor.7.ic,