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The Vexation of the Spirit. Both fo much difable in the furvcy of pleafure as the mix- ture either of folly or want. When a man bath wifdome to apprehend the exquifitneffe of his delights, and variety to keepe out the furfct of any one , hee is then fi mil to examine what compaffe of Goodneffe or fatisfaetion is in them. Firf} then Salomon kept his wifedome, bee purfu_ ed fuch manly and noble delights as might not vitiate but rather improve his intelleauals. Chap.2. verf. i,2, 3. Se- condly his wifedome was furnifh'd with variety of fub- jc6°ts to enquire into, he had magnificence and provifions futable to the greatneffe of his royall mindc. Sumptu- ous and delicate diet under the name of wine, verf. 3. Stately Edifices verf,,. Vineyards and Orchards, yea ve- ry PParadifcs,aslarge as Woods. verf.5,6. Fifh -ponds, and great Waters , multitudes ofattcndants and retinue of all îexes. Mighty beards of Cattell of all kindes. var. y. Great trealures of (jiver and gold, all kinds ofmufìck vo- call and inf}rurnentall; Thirdly, Salomon exceeded in all thefethings all that ever went before him ver.9. Fourth- ly, as flee had the moll abundant , fo likewife the moll free, undif}urbed, unabated enjoyment ofthem all, Hee with-held not his heart from any joy : there was no mixture offickneflê, warre, or any intercurrentdifhcul- ties to corrupt their f vectneffe, or blunt the tall of them. Here arc as great prepararions as the heart of man can expel to make an univerfall furvcy of thofe delights which are in the creature : and yet at lafl upon an im- partiallenquirie into all his moll magnificent works, the conclufion is, they were but vanitie and vexation of fpirit. ver.i i. Which vexation he further explaincs.Firfl,by the ncceffary divorce which was to come betweene him and them, }-Iee was to leave them all. verf.i 8. Secondly, by hisdifability fo to difpofe of them as that after him they might remaine in that manner as hce had ordered them.verf. i g. Thirdly, by the effeis which thefe and the dike coniderations wrought in him : they were fo farrc F 4 from t Kin g,,.to.