Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

THE E!'ISTLE I ~relent l!ts labours more .fitiy_ then to a Father'. e· .. . . fpectally when they bnng · · \\dth . them fo excellent a thing as 'Ble!fcdneffe. And althougl1 I kno\V you haue beene an ancient Trauailer in the path ofFelidtie, fo that the commendationof your pofl:eritie fhall bee to follow your fl:eps~ y~t I am afTured, it cannot but bee a comfort toyou, to fee fon1e ,~ increafe from aboue, where your careful edu~~nionharh .I..- . planted &w·atcred belo.w; in which you haue fi1r_re ex– ce.cded thevfuall prouidece of Fathers, that ordinarily I l Iookes no f~rther then the bodie, pride, andearti!· . I COfeife,the outward fiKW{ S of