Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

/ DEDICATOR! E. ------r-------1---1 of this world had fo farre tranfporred me-, that I was veryvnlikdy to hauemade · this kinde of Matter the maine bufinesofmy Time, bur I tooke lhip to goe tQ Tal,(j}u, , euen ro forra1ne Coun'tries , and in 1nin·e owne beganne the fiudie of 1 ~the. L~w, vntill a fl:orn1e from. beauen chafed mee a– way to the ftudie of Et er~ nitie·, wherein I haue found fo much comfort and ~ffifiance from ~boue, that the incouragement thereof is to mee in fiead of·a voice fpeaking inmineeare;This ,is the \vay, walke in it : And in this way1defire to walke as··fl:edfafily, as bodi– ly infirmitie, andthe nece~~ \ . A 3. £1r1e