Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

t ' 76 T H E A R. T E - jf Mi!n would know the · - .manner how to pleafe and ferue God ; this very man.. ner of his creation \Vill , . teach hin1. For the Crea– tor was a Spirit himfelfe, and he gaue to !D~n a Spirit , refen1b1ing him both in 0 fubftanceand faculde. The fubfl:ance was fpiritunll, & the facultie, an vnderfian· .dingandwit. In thevnder~ fianding '~as alight, which 0 could fhew vnto man the will ofGod; and infonne Man ° what was right in ·Gods vnde1:fianding. So was it a created reuelation of the Law of God , the fparkes andpieces whereof ferue at this day, both eo ;informe and accufe ~he naturall . '