Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

0 F HA pp IN E s. JS makem'}nknow bothwhat was the bafeneffe of man ., andwhat was the .happ~nes · of man : hee !hewed man that his feruice was-the bufineife ofman , yea , hee · lhe\ved him how he would bee ferued. For God plan· ted i'n man .a reafonable foule, in whichwas written an Image&counter-pawne oftheDeitie, although not equall in degrees, yet like in refembJance. Now , the reafon of this foule could finde, that ,aCreator cre– ates things for himfelte, & by"whom things are, they . are alfo for bim. There– fore man hauirighis -.being fromGod , he is to returne . his being vnto God. And if ';