Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

8o THE ART E is faid to haue created the world in fixedayes, and t9 baue refted , bleifed , and hallowedthe feuenth.Now Godneedednot fixe dayes to createaworld, which-he ' can equally doe in a mo– ment. Neither needed he to re!l: thefeuenth day,forany wearineffe gottenby Crea– tion.But thefe.things are of an higher meaning, and in· elude Dotlrines more ex– cellent, and fo more agree· able to the nature and dig· nitie of God. Godchofe to make his worke djftinCl:ly in fixe feuerall 'cl ayes, and in euery day difl:intlly con– fid~red the worke which · that daybee hadmade,and vpon this diftintl and feue· · - · · r~11 ·-~----- -~-----·------·