Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

OF HArPIN:e:s. 8r rail confideration, hee pro· nounced this fentence vp· on each dayes \votke, tha~ the worke of that daywas good. Yet bee faith onely that it wasgood ; hee faith not that it was goodnefTe: it was good enough in his .kind for feruice, but not for happineife.But the feuenth dayhee ceafeth, both from Creation and this confide– ration of the good · Crea· tu.res ; -and with-drawetb . himfelfe into himfelfe;I-Iee returneth fromwithout, to the enioying of himfelfe& his O\vne ·refi; and to the cofttemplation of this .refl: inioyed ; and there onely h~e fin.deth&pronounceth to b~ perfect holinelfe, and E 2 · perfect