Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

/ . 90 ' THE ART E f annexed vnto it, to ouer• ·, / I rh.row all th_at the Treeof · .Ltfew~uldhauepreferued. It carried wit~ it afpiritual r-; drunkenneffe, that would I i/' I f~ captiuate the vnderftan1/ dtng, ~nd turne about the · vtill and affetl:ions , that \ they !hould not looke to God, 3s the ru.le ofgood& .' ·euil1,tobe done or'vndone; ~ nor to the fame God, as the . ,, rul~ 0~that g~od and euil~, whtch 1s happtnes,and mt· _ ferie. . But this new fruit will teach Man to kno\v good - and euill,after a new fallii– on. For from ' the· venom thereofthere iifueth ablind lutt&concupifcence,which blotteth. out the In1age.of ' God -